Creative Ways to Embrace an Environmentally-Friendly Roof According to Roofing Companies


We live in a world that is focused on bettering the environment through green methods of living. Surprisingly, even your residential roofing can contribute towards more sustainable living. Below are several ways you can make your roof environmentally-friendly according to roofing companies, and help you save a lot of money in the process.

Install Water Barrels

A cheap way to make your roof greener without doing anything labor-intensive is to set up some water barrels below the downspouts of your gutter system. So when it rains excessively, you can collect water in the barrel and redistribute it however you like. It may be for gardening, cleaning pavement around your property, and even watering the lawn. You can do your part to cut down the 30% of increased water usage during the summer thanks to these barrels.

Additionally, having these barrels prevents water from building up against your home’s foundations that would cause costly water damage if it is ignored. To keep bugs and insects out of the water, you can cover the top with a screen lid. Read more from this blog:


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