Storm Chasers: Inspecting Your Roofing System for Damage After a Storm

Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma face a number of storms each year. Although many people are used to the weather and understand how to prepare for such disturbances, many people are not entirely aware of the steps they should be taking after a storm has passed.

Cleaning up debris around the house is important, but don’t forget to check the condition of your roof after a storm. What signs of damage should you scan for? Here are a few suggestions from professional roofing companies that serve Tulsa:

If the storm had significantly strong winds…

It isn’t unusual to see strong rains accompanied by strong winds. Although many people are concerned about how strong winds may break their windows, powerful gusts can also take its toll on your roof:

Check for Any Shingles on the Ground

Needless to say, finding some of your roof’s shingles behind the bushes in your garden is a bad thing. Strong winds can easily blow off loose shingles on your roof, exposing the underlayment and decking below to excessive water.

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