Best Tulsa Roofing Companies Answer 6 Biggest Cool Roof Questions

Much has been said about the benefits of installing cool roofs on a home. The idea behind popular cool roofing options–such as GAF’s Timberline Cool Series Energy-Saving Shingles, is that by using roofing materials that reflect heat instead of absorb them, the home interior will be a more comfortable place to be. Below are five of your most common questions about cool roofing options, answered.

What are the benefits of using a cool roof?

Since a cool roof is better at reflecting heat from the sun than traditional roofing options, your indoor spaces will stay cooler and more comfortable by using the former. This puts less pressure on your air conditioning unit to maintain indoor temperature, and the end result is you spend less for cooling costs.

The high heat reflectance of cool roofs is officially recognized, that’s why many communities encourage cool roof installations to repel the urban heat island (UHI) effect. UHI is described as the increase in ambient urban air temperatures because of the replacement of vegetation with concrete, which is a heat-absorbing surface. Fighting UHI benefits the environment, and cool roofs are an essential tool toward this goal.

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