Tulsa, OK Roofing Company Shares 4 Common Types of Tornado Roof Damage

It’s tornado season in Oklahoma. Are you ready? As your first and last line of defense against the elements from above, your roof will likely bear the brunt of the damage in the unfortunate event that a tornado hits your home. In case this happens, it’s worth knowing some of the common problems that your roof may face to prevent further damage. When you inspect your roof and the rest of its structure after a tornado, your Tulsa, OK roofing company shares with you four things to be on the lookout for.


Check your rooftop, attic and ceiling for signs of leak. Look for pooling water, water stains, and water damage on ceilings or walls. Leaks are a priority problem after a tornado, because any water that penetrates the internal structure of your home can compromise its safety. If you discover leaks, you need to you may need to use tarps, tapes and sealants to do seal them temporarily, as your Tulsa, OK roofing company may take some time to get to you. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2wkZJj2


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